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  • I am open to a purchase or a lease by month plan.
  • Call Dave, 1.902.440.1941, text or WhatsApp
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TL/DR Summary: If I get you 50 new clients this month, and the average client stays with you for 6 months  and spends $50 per month, that means, I have added $15,000 to your bottom line. [50 X 6 = 300 | 300 X $50 = $15,000]
Why Knowing Your Customer Lifetime Value [CLV] Is Important
Businesses don’t want to spend their money and resources on acquiring customers that will not be profitable. They want to know how much they should invest in marketing activities that will attract the best customers.

Brand loyalty is one of the important and most challenging strong points for a business to achieve. The CLV provides a better dimension to customer relationships by making businesses aware of a customer’s worth, especially those considered loyal having high CLV.
How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value [CLV]
Customer Lifetime Value is calculated by multiplying your customers’ average purchase value, average purchase frequency, and average customer lifespan.
Customer Lifetime Value formula:
CLV = Average Monthly Purchases X Average Customer Lifespan in Months
After doing some research on your own customers you see the average client spends $50 a month and stays for 6 months.

That means your average customer lifetime value is CLV = 6 X $50 = 300
How Customer Lifetime Value Tells You What to Spend to Acquire a New Customer by Including Conversion Rate.
My website,, is currently receiving over 1,000 visits per month.
If you convert 5% of all visitors to your site to customers, you would have 50 new customers each month, solely from working with me.

Based on the CLV formula, you would earn $300 from each customer.
$300 X 50 new customers, means $15,000 would be added to your bottom line.
And remember that repeats each month.
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OnlyFans in Canada